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Children Myopia Control Program

80% of learning is visual. Not only does myopia cause inconveniences, it may affect your child’s learning process. Our myopia control program leverages cutting-edge technologies to slow down myopia progression and help your child excel.

correction of natural lens for developing myopia without atropine eye drops



Myopia, also known as shortsightedness, impairs the ability to see distant objects due to an excessive elongation of the eye globe which affects the focusing of far images.

The effects of myopia is unfortunately irreversible, therefore it is crucial to control and slow down its progression at the onset. Not only does myopia cause inconveniences in our daily activities, it may lead to risks of other complications such as glaucoma, early cataract, myopic macular degeneration and even blindness.


Controlling the progression of myopia starts from having healthy visual habits and lifestyle.

You can help to safeguard your child’s eye health by teaching them the right posture,lighting and distance when reading, doing work, using digital devices or watching television.Our experienced optometrists will guide you on the steps to nurturing daily habits that willprotect your child’s vision and prevent the worsening of myopia.


Orthokeratology treatment (also called Ortho-K or Eye Braces) not only gives children and adults the freedom to regain clear vision without relying on spectacles and contact lenses during the day, its effects in slowing down myopia progression has also been documented in several medical studies.

We have treated many children over the years and have seen great success controlling their myopia.

Myopia Control Spectacle Lenses

We can prescribe and fit special spectacle lenses such as bifocals and myovision (a type of lens that mimics that effects of Orthokeratology) which help to control myopia progression.


Step 1

Eye Examination

Our experienced optometrist will conduct a series of eye tests to assess your eye health and myopia risks. We will also measure your corneal topography, axial length and eye pressure and capture retinal images.
Step 2

Personalised Consultation

Based on your eye assessment results, we will recommendand discuss suitable treatments with you and your child.
Step 3

Treatment Plan

Once you have decided,we will prepare the treatment plan and provide thorough education and guidance on the entire process.

The corneal molds are key to ensuring healthy corneas while enabling myopia retardation. Not every optometrist is able to prescribe and fit specialty contact lenses. Therefore, it is that crucial to go to the right optometrist who is able to design and customise the perfect fit to prevent risks of infection or discomfort.

Our optometrists at Eye Braces Clinic are trained and certified to provide a range of myopia control treatments including specialty lenses to help you find the best solution for your budget and needs.

Myopia develops and progresses throughout childhood and early adolescence, and usually stabilises when one enters adulthood. This means that the younger the child develops myopia, the higher the risks of it progressing into high myopia before it stabilises.

Hence, it is advisable to detect and control myopia as early as possible since its effects are irreversible.