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Red Eye
Red or bloodshot eyes result when small blood vessels in your eye become swollen and congested with blood.

They are usually not of major concern and can be due to minor irritation from dust, exposure to sun or dry air. However, if coupled with pain, dryness, discharge or visual impairment, red eyes can indicate a more severe condition, such as bacterial infection and may require immediate medical attention.

Dry eye syndrome
Dry eye syndrome occurs when you are not able to produce enough tears or your tears are unable to adequately lubricate your eyes. You may experience this in situations such as on a flight, extended duration in an air-conditioned environment or after looking at a computer screen for a long time.

Dry eyes may lead to inflammation and scarring of the cornea although it is unlikely to lead to permanent vision loss. Addressing dry eyes can help you to see properly and carry on your daily activities with comfort. Care and management options include lifestyle modifications and eyedrops.

A cataract is a condition in which the lens of the eye turns cloudy, preventing sufficient light from entering your eye, therefore leading to blurry vision. Most cataracts develop slowly over time, and can affect one or both eyes. They do not usually hurt, but can cause discomfort and inconveniences as your eyes become more sensitive to light.

Cataracts are common among seniors, and may develop at around age 40. If your symptoms are mild, you may only require a new pair of prescription eyeglasses or specialty contact lenses. However, cataracts often worsen over time and eventually it may be recommended to undergo surgery to remove the cataract.

Also known as Pink Eye, conjunctivitis is the inflammation of the transparent membrane (conjunctiva) that lies over the white part of your eye and lines the inside of your eyelid. It can be caused by viruses, bacteria, irritants (such as dirt, shampoo and smoke) allergies or parasites.

Although it can be highly contagious, it is rarely serious and is unlikely to affect your vision. When addressed carefully and quickly, it clears up with no long-term effects.

Keratoconus occurs when your cornea thins and gradually bulges outward into a cone shape. This causes blurred vision and increased sensitivity to glare and light. It usually affects both eyes and develops between ages 10 and 25.

In its early stage, you may only require prescription eyeglasses or soft contact lenses. As the condition progresses, you may need to be fitted with rigid gas permeable (RGP) lenses or other specialty contact lenses such as scleral lenses. If your condition worsens to an advanced stage, cornea transplant may be required.

Pellucid Marginal Degeneration
Pellucid Marginal Degeneration (PMD) is a degenerative corneal condition, characterised by a crescent-shaped thinning in the inferior and peripheral region of the cornea. Like Keratoconus, it is usually progressive and often times severe. It mostly affects both eyes but can also occur in one eye.

PMD is uncommon, and its causes remain unknown. Care and management depend on the severity of the condition and can be non-surgical(prescription eyeglasses or specialty contact lenses) or surgical (keratoplasty).

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