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A right pair of spectacles should not only feel comfortable but allow you to see comfortably. We partner with the best labs around the world to provide the highest quality lenses customised to your prescription and visual needs, all at a reasonable price.


Standard Spectacle Lens
These are typically single vision lenses that have a single prescription across their entire surface and are suitable in all scenarios including driving, working or reading. Standard spectacle lenses are readily available and are suited for patients with lower and less complex prescriptions.

Custom Lens
For those who are highly myopic, astigmatic or hyperopic, custom lenses will be required to cater to individual needs and may require a longer duration to be produced. Custom lenses are also prescribed in the event standard lenses are not able to fit accurately into the selected frame.

Bifocal Lens
Bifocal lenses accommodate two different lens powers to correct distance and near vision in a single lens. The lower part of the lens contains the power required to correct your near vision while the rest of the lens is for your distance vision.

Multifocal Free Form Lens
Lenses made from “Free Form” digital surfacing are manufactured with parameters based on complex mathematical calculations from Wavefront Physics. Manufacturing lenses using this method gives each lens its own unique wavefront characteristics, precisely matches to the user’s prescription, providing a clearer image and wider field of view. Free form lenses provide better control of image distortion, hence enabling unprecedented levels of optical clarity.

Computer Lens
Looking at the computer for long hours can be tiring and stressful for the eyes. These lenses are specially optimised for computer and monitor screens, helping you to see comfortably at near and intermediate distances, and protect your eyes from visual strain and dryness. With computer lenses, you can maintain a natural body posture while looking at your digital screens to ease your head, neck and eyes for total comfort all day.

Photochromatic Lens
These are lenses that darken on exposure to specific types of light, most commonly ultraviolet (UV) rays. Once away from the light source, the lenses will gradually return to their clear state.

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