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How to Find a Good Optometrist: Things to Look Out For

Your eyes are one of the major organs of your body; hence taking care of your eye health is vital to your overall wellbeing.

However, that does not mean you can just walk into any spectacle shop and expect a comprehensive and accurate eye exam.

When seeking a suitable eye doctor, you must pay attention to several things.

There may be many eye specialists in your vicinity that offer various services that set them apart (e.g. cutting-edge equipment, excellent qualifications, one-on-one consultation or a wide choice of fashionable frames).

So how do you pick the right eye doctor for you? Keep reading to find out!

1. Understand what kind of eye doctor you need

Look out for good signs of an optometrist

The term ‘eye doctor’ is a colloquial term used for eye specialists.

Therefore, if you require a professional eye doctor, it is worth remembering that there are two types of ‘eye doctors’:

  • An optometrist is someone who specialises in testing and examining your eyes. They can diagnose and treat eye diseases and conditions and prescribe vision-correcting devices.

  • An ophthalmologist is a medical doctor who specialises in eye and vision care. They can diagnose and treat complex conditions and perform surgeries when needed. Requirements for ophthalmologists are higher than for optometrists.

The difference is exactly why you need to be specific about your eye care needs.

Are you looking to test your vision and get the right glasses or contact lenses? Or do you want to get a comprehensive assessment of your ocular health?

Be aware of your needs before selecting.

2. Ask for recommendations from trusted friends and family.

The easiest way to find a credible eye doctor is to ask for direct referrals.

If you want to see an optometrist, you can ask for recommendations from your friends and family members.

However, beware that their ideal eye doctor may not be the same for you, and that’s ok! There are many other eye doctors out there, this just means you have to do a little more research.

If you’re already seeing an optometrist and want to see an ophthalmologist instead, kindly ask them to refer you – they would be happy to do so!

3. Find Out What Services They Offer

Eye doctors help with ocular health and eye diseases

New technology for eye doctors has advanced significantly. However, not all eye doctors have the same type of cutting edge services and facilities across the board.

It is a good idea to confirm whether your eye doctor’s clinic has the best technology for your specific needs since different eye doctors specialise in specific conditions.

At Eye Braces Clinic, we specialise in specialty lenses and fittings for it.

Specialty contact lenses serve a special purpose and not all optometrists are qualified to fit these types of contact lenses.

If you are looking for Ortho-K lenses or scleral lenses, we have the technology and experience needed to do a lens fitting to perfectly fit your vision needs!

4. Read the reviews.

Don’t ignore those reviews on Google and social media!

Knowing what other people say about the eye doctors you choose to go with is extremely important.

Read up on positive and negative feedback to set yourself up for a realistic experience.

Customers’ insights may give you a better understanding of what to expect from the clinic, as different optometrists have different practices, operations and equipment.

5. Check their credentials and experience.

Do a regular eye exam for good eye health

Always do your research on an optometrist’s work and education history!

Knowing whether an optometrist or ophthalmologist has the necessary training and skills to address a variety of vision and eye problems will give you better assurance.

Try looking for an eye doctor with plenty of experience, especially one who excels in “bedside manner” – interpersonal and communication skills.

While their years of field experience will guarantee the safety of your eyes, excellent communication skills will significantly relieve your mental stress.

The best optometrist is often knowledgeable with experience, excellent communication and interpersonal skills to back up their credentials.

6. Find out their price.

It’s no use going to a clinic outside your budget.

Hence, always check their prices and choose a good one you can afford. If you have an insurance plan, check what clinics are covered in your plan to save some money!

Keep in mind that many plans do not cover a regular eye exam or a pair of glasses, so it is a good idea to call the eye doctor’s office and ask how much the appointment will cost.

It might be better to invest in something a little pricier to ensure the quality of your eye care products and services.

For example, the cost to replace cheaper eyeglasses might end up costing more than buying a more expensive pair in the first place.

Eye Braces Clinic may be just the right fit for you!

Leading optometrist for eye health

Established in 2014, Eye Braces Clinic has become one of Singapore’s leading eye care practitioners dedicated to specialty lenses and comprehensive eye exams.

Our team strives to deliver honest, accurate and well-educated advice founded on evidence-based eye care to all our patients.

The best part about our practice is you can enjoy the highest quality service with our state-of-the-art diagnostic technology and eye care equipment without any fear of hidden costs!

So what are you waiting for?

Book an appointment with us today.

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